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Graduate Programs

Master of Art in Leadership (MAL)

Expose students to the various advanced theories and principles of leadership in organizations.

Master of Science in Accounting and Finance (MSCAF)

To train individuals who will assume executive positions in the areas of Accounting and Finance.

Master of Art in Marketing Management (MAMM)

Provide learning opportunity for professionals to pursue their academic career to a higher level.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The MBA program at LEADSTAR College is designed to meet the ever-increasing demand for Highly skilled individuals who can assume managerial positions in various levels of organization. The following specific objectives are put forward for the MBA program at LEADSTAR.

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Be designed and classified scientifically, courses are suitable to every levels, ensuring to maximize student’s capacity. You will find out many interesting things inside. Let’s discover right now!

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Takele FufaA bdissa (Ph.D) is a full time academic staff with a rank of Assistant professor has been working in the department of Accounting and Finance in Leadstar college of Management and Leadership as a lecturer and Master of science in Accounting and Finance program coordinator.

Takele FufaA bdissa (Ph.D)

Takele FufaA bdissa (Ph.D)

Assistant Professor in the Department of Marketing Management, Leadstar College of Leadership and Management; Teaching, advising, and counselling graduate students of Marketing Management.

Kidane Assefa (PhD )

Kidane Assefa (PhD in Agricultural Economics and Management, MA in Marketing Management)

working as a coordinator for Leadership department, and also delivering courses like ; project management, Advanced research design ,Organizational Behavioural analysis, Human Resource and Diversity Management. I strongly Believe Leadstar College of Management and Leadership is one of the pioneer in providing quality education in the field of Leadership, produced figurative and well known Leaders like the current Ethiopian prime Ministers and other higher officials of the country.

Demeke Gadissa Umeta (Ph.D)

Doctor of Business Leadership from University of South Africa

The courses given by leadstar college can be applied to any organization. They have a versatile qualification in leading,changing the organization perception and direction to meet its vision and mission, developing general human skill and so on. So the courses enable the students to achieve their career goals which lead to have marketable skills and credentials.

Ameha Tefera Tessema(Ph.D)

Ameha Tefera Tessema(Ph.D)

Leadstar College of Management and Leadership (LCML) envisage becoming an eminent Ethiopian center of excellence in Producing Transformative Global Leaders.


The umbrella goals of the college define the broad areas within which this strategic plan develops specific objectives and actions. This section identifies the main objectives (ends) within each of these goal areas and a series of actions (means) for achieving each objective.


LCML strives to deliver state-of-the-art, relevant, and affordable professional education and training services by imparting globally applicable knowledge and skills to produce higher level globally transformative leaders capable of problem-solving and creation of self-employment.


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